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Monday, October 26, 2009

Budgets Make You Choosy

Since I have started my budget, I am being more choosy about where I drop my hard-earned, hard-saved cash. We worked so hard and have sacrificed so much to keep the money from flying out the door on wings of frivolity, that it has to be a pretty special occasion or venue for me to part with the dough. A problem is that since these sorts of expenses are now going out of my pocket instead of onto my credit card, I am much more aware of what I spend, and my standards for spending this money have become next to impossible to achieve.

If I am going to a restaurant, for instance, it has to be a place where the service is exceptional--the waiter has to offer to name his firstborn child after me--and the food must be able to be described as "food for the gods". The view must be breathtaking and it should offer a three-course set menu for the price of a cup of coffee. Not too much to ask is it?

When going out for drinks and nibblies, there had better be some headline entertainment to go with those nibblies and an opportunity to meet someone famous and delectable, like...uh-oh I can't think of anyone, how sad is that?

When on a day out, that day had better be packed with fun-filled adventure so much so that my face hurts from smiling and laughing.

See what I mean? With standards like these, how am I ever going to be happy again? Oh that's right, I am happiest when I do things with my family and friends that don't involve spending money, like having a barbecue on the beach or getting together with close friends to share a meal, a few drinks and play games.

What activities make you the happiest?


  1. Hello Shelly,
    Visiting you through SITS.
    It's fun to connect with fellow Aussie bloggers. I agree with you on the need to budget our finances and trying the best we can to stick to the plan.

    Keep writing.


  2. My lifestyle completely changes over the year.

    Now, that I watch what we are spending I can't believe how much many we wasted over the years on stupid stuff and eating bad food in bad restaurants.

    Right now I enjoy gourmet dinner at home and movie night with popcorn and my kids.

  3. It is a new day...to think about all of the waste in our lives. Important lessons. Recessions are hard, but push the reset button on our lives. Come on by for a visit. Holly at lifelaughlatte.blogspot.com

  4. Welcome Chatterbox, just checked out your blog and had a little chuckle--thanks for that. Great way to start the day!

    Ms Bibi: Yes, many a dollar has been wasted over the years. I often think about how much money we would have now if Will and I had been a bit more in control of our outgoings BC (before children). Then I think that money was well spent on our youthful experiences and it allows us to slow down now with no regrets. Life needs a little frivolity sometimes. We had ours when we were younger and now we can lead simpler lives and hopefully impart some of our wisdom to our children.

    Holly: Good to see you here again. I'll come over for a coffee and a laugh now--put the kettle on!


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