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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've Always Wanted To...a.k.a. My Bucket List

Following on from my last post, I thought I would record my list, as I have never committed it to paper (or web) before. These are the things that I have always wanted to do or accomplish in my lifetime in no particular order:
  1. Travel the inside passage to Alaska. I lived in North America for most of the first 23 years of my life and I have never done this. It was right there, but I always thought I would have time to do it. Then I up and left Canada to live on the other side of the world, and I never really came back, so now it is a lot harder for me to accomplish this one.
  2. See Niagara Falls. See #1 for the pathetic excuse reason as to why I haven't done this yet. I used to live in Sudbury Ontario, and the falls were right there--well, within driving distance anyway.
  3. Go snorkelling/diving on the Great Barrier Reef. I would like to dive it, but I don't have my diving cert, so it will either have to be an introductory dive or snorkelling. I don't really mind. Have been in Cairns for three years now and I don't want this to go the way of #1 and #2. Done. Blogged about it here.
  4. Get my diving certificate. This one will have to wait until both kids are in school as it will mean three days of intense tuition.
  5. Learn a second language and be able to speak it fluently.
  6. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  7. Learn how to dance with another person--the salsa, rumba, foxtrot--I don't care as long as I could get up and dance with a partner without stepping on his toes or bumping into other people on the dance floor
  8. Sing karaoke by myself and not suck at it.
  9. Visit France and Italy. When I was 20, I wanted to do the typical European summer backpacking holiday, but went Australia and did the Asian backpacking holiday instead. I still wouldn't mind doing Europe, but now that I am older, I would like to do it in a little bit more style, i.e. with clean toilets, comfortable rooms and not on trains with fellow backpackers clipping their toenails (someone told me this was a good way to get a seat all to yourself--will have to take their word for it).
  10. Eat a meal Degustation style. Done. Blogged about it here.
  11. Do something for someone else. Now that I have displayed quite a bit of hedonism, I realise that at the top of my list should have been this one. I would like to do some volunteer work once I am finished my degree. It would have to be behind the scenes as dealing with people in need is not really one of my strengths, not because of my lack of sympathy or desire to help, I am just not a counselling type. I still think I could make a difference in some sort of organising capacity.
  12. Finish this (insert expletive here) degree! Done. Blogged about it here.
  13. Run a 5k fun run. Now that I have taken up running three times a week, this one seems very achievable. If you had told me five years ago that I would a) want to complete a 5k run or b) be capable of completing it, I would have laughed in your face. Funny how things change. Done. Blogged about it here.
  14. Do something creative. All through school I took art classes and when I finished high school, I tossed up between pursuing a career in art or putting food on the table. Eating won--as it often does in my life. I still have some latent talent in this regard (art not eating), but don't often express my artistic side, so I would like to do something big like illustrating a children's book--even if only for my own children/grandchildren (no, I don't have any grandkids now, but this is a big goal so am not under any illusions that I will get this done in the near future).
  15. Have something published. I would like to improve my writing skills such that I am able to submit an article or story to someone who makes decisions about these things and have someone like it so much that it gets accepted for distribution. Blogging doesn't count because there is no one to stop me from publishing.
  16. Show my children the snow before they become too old to appreciate it.
  17. Visit the city of my birth. I was born in Yellowknife Northwest Territories, and I moved away when I was three. We have never returned since, and I would love to see it--but in the summertime--thank you very much! Frostbite is not my idea of a good time.
  18. Go blackwater rafting. My husband was brought up in New Zealand and has often told me how cool it is to do this. This is something I would like to do with him someday. It probably doesn't marry up with my slight claustrophobia, but this is the sacrifice I would be willing to make for my darling husband.
  19. Go camping. I have never really been. The closest I got was sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of a big wooden building when I went camping in Brownies at the age of seven. The next time was when I went whitewater rafting on the Thompson River in my early twenties. I think one night in a campsite with 50 other campers with hot showers, catered food and organised volleyball etc. doesn't really count as camping. Oh what a sheltered life I have led!
  20. Do something that makes me fall on my butt. Odd thing to want I know, but I tend to avoid activities where I will spend the first few hours/days falling on my derri ère. Consider skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, and surfing. These are not activities where you just hop on and voilà you are a seasoned skiier/snowboarder/surfer, gliding along with ease. It doesn't work that way, and I get a bit embarrassed by the learning process. So I am determined to put myself outside my comfort zone and laugh at myself as I fall flat on my bottom--no matter who is watching. Done. Blogged about it here.
Well, I think that's enough for now. I may add to this as I go along, and I plan to strike a few things off over time. If anyone else would like to share a few things on your list, please do comment or for fellow bloggers, do your own blog post and link to it here.


  1. Nice list! I used to live in Alaska and I think it's one of the most amazing places in the world. I recently came across my old bucket list that I made when I was twelve and resurrected it and started to cross things off. It's so exciting to finally start doing things that you've always wanted to and I'm glad to see others doing the same. Good luck with everything!
    Here's my list: http://bit.ly/4sw2fh

  2. I love your bucket list. #10 I was trained to do. It is interesting and pretty neat.

  3. Bibi: You have to be trained to eat degustation? Wow that is some complicated meal! ;-)


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