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Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've Got Crabs!

Gotcha! No, I don't have an STD. It is just the name of the photo I am sharing with you. I have been tagged by Thea at Do I Really Wanna Blog? in a meme called Photo #10.

Here are the instructions:

1. Open the first/oldest photo folder in your computer library
2. Scroll to the 10th photo
3. Post the photo and the story behind it
4. Tag 5 or more people to continue the thread.

Most of my photos are quite recent as I only got a digital camera in the noughties, so this was taken in 2001 on our second trip to Cairns, before we decided we liked it so much that we packed our bags and moved here.

This is the day we booked a trip on the Catch-A-Crab boat that takes tourists in and around the mangroves to catch crabs. Catching crabs is actually a pretty boring pastime. (unless you do it like my boys) It mainly consists of putting some fish heads in a crab trap, dropping it in the water, going away for a while and coming back to check your crab pot. Exciting stuff.

This tour company caters mainly to Japanese tourists, so the tour was conducted in both Japanese and English, and I think that Will and I were the only non-Japanese tourists there. We felt a little silly, having lived in Australia for a number of years and having already been immersed in the Australian culture, we quickly realised we were probably on the wrong tour, as most of the other tourists wanted to sample the Aussie fare, hear about Aussie slang and were treated to a VB (Victoria Bitter--a beer that isn't even popular up in the far north of Queensland. XXXX Gold and Carlton Midstrength are the brews of choice up here).

Nevertheless, we made the most of it. They managed to pull up some crabs, plus they had some crabs that they had "prepared earlier", so we got to have crabs for lunch, and I wanna say there were BBQ'd snags as well, but my memory fails me. We each had a VB--who were we to nitpick about their choice of beer? And we did a spot of fishing. We each caught a fish about the size of my finger in length, and a good time was had by all--except for maybe the fish and the crabs--they probably didn't enjoy it much, but the fish lived to swim another day.

Now for the tagging, I tag...

1. Bibi @ Misery to Happiness in 365 Days
2. Susan @ Susan Fobes' Family Formula
3. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves
4. Holly @ Life Laugh Latte
5. Beth @ Anti-Supermom


  1. Hey, this sounds interesting! I will look up something for you this weekend. Thanks Shelly.

    Now about your picture... You and a boat load of Japanese tourists? That alone is funny! I am going to assume that the crabs you are holding eventually landed in your tummy? LOL!

  2. Hi Shelly!

    Thanks for stopping by my little ole blog.

    I love crabs! My BIL used to catch them and cook them up often when I was a kid. He'd eat every, single last bit of it. My mum makes a nice chicken, corn & crab soup too.


    Great pic. ;)

  3. cool beans.... i enjoy peeking in your world. THANK YOU for your incredibly kind words on my blog. Means a whole lot. xoxo thanks. - o-sahm

  4. You sure do have crabs! lol
    Great story & pic. :)

  5. My oldest photo folder is much more recent than yours! I'm actually a bit creeped out by crabs. They're like huge bugs of the sea.

    Thanks for the tag. I will do my very best to post it. I'm kind of losing my mind over here with the whole Wordpress switch debacle. I can see why people pay professionals to do it.


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