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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Few Words On Turning 40

This is going to have to be a quick one, because I am SUPPOSED to be packing for our trip to Sydney, but I had to hop on and say a few words about turning 40--well so far I'm loving it!

Someone once said to me that "Growing older is better than the alternative". This is so very true.

Celebrations have already kicked off with a civilised lunch with the girls from swimming yesterday, and not a child in sight. We do this every time someone has a birthday. We just go out for a nice lunch on a day when all the kids are in daycare. The meal was scrumptious and the company--the best! I walked away realising just how special my group of friends are, and I am so very lucky to have them.

We get on the plane at 10:25 this morning and my BFF and I are going to sit back and relax the minute we leave Queensland soil. No responsibilities, no poo-filled nappies (for my friend I mean, my boys have been out of nappies for years), no mum's taxi and a sleep-in is definitely on the cards. Frankly, if we hadn't planned so many things, I would just go to the hotel and sleep for four days.

Tonight we are trying out degustation for the first time, and I cannot wait. I am going to try to eat lightly today so that I can truly appreciate each and every course this evening. This is on my list so, on my return, I will try to regale you with a description of each and every morsel, but I don't think I can get pics or they might boot us out of the restaurant!

The celebration continues next week, where I have booked at the Golf Club for dinner with all our friends to celebrate my 40th and  also to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

So, turning 40 is a great excuse to extend birthday celebrations beyond just one day. Technically as I was born in Canada, my birthday isn't until tomorrow, so I ALWAYS have the excuse to celebrate on two days--one for each hemisphere!

See you back in the blogosphere on Monday!


  1. Oh I'll love to hear what you think of degustation. It sounds interesting. I haven't tried it yet myself. Happy Birthday and have a great trip!

  2. Oh wonderful!
    Live it up you lucky thing.
    And Happy Birthday!!! x

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you are having fun.

  5. Thanks ladies! I had a blast! It was the BEST weekend! I can't wait to tell you all about it!

  6. So glad you had a great time! I'm with you on turning 40 - one day, I just know I'll be 80 years old and wishing i was only 40!

    Look forward to your tales...


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