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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Five Rules to Live By

As my thoughts have been with my Dad a lot recently, I thought I would share a little about this man who helped me to become the person I am today.

Here are five things (there is a heap more, but I'll share five today) that I learned from my Dad. I am not always so good at practising them, but these principles of life are instilled in my brain:

The Good Lord hates a coward - He applies this phrase to almost anything in his life, from simply trying a new food to battling serious illness. I always think of this phrase when I am considering trying something new, and if you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am not averse to putting myself out there once in a while.

If it's worth doing, it is worth doing well - My work ethic comes from my Dad. Everything he puts his hand to is done with his very best effort. He is an artisan, he can make a knife out of an old chisel and hone it until you can see your face in its reflection and you can slice a tomato with ease.

Be punctual - I am not always punctual now that I have children and a husband to gee up everytime we have to go somewhere, but generally I like to be punctual, and when I am not it really irks me.

Don't judge a book by its cover - Dad gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and takes them at face value. He never judges you by your looks or your circumstances, but by your character. I am not as good at this as he is, but I do remember to always reserve first impressions for later assessment.

Chew your food and eat a little of everything on your plate - This one is a very practical one. I chew thoroughly and I am the slowest eater I know, but I also don't usually suffer from digestive problems. I'm not sure what the theory behind eating a little of everything is, but perhaps it is about getting the variety of nutrients in you should you not be able to finish and also to avoid offending the chef. At any rate, this one is such a habit for me that at any given time, when I am eating, you will find and equal amount of each food left on my plate, right down to the last mouthfuls.

Those are the words of wisdom imparted to me by my dear Dad. What are the rules you live by as a result of someone else's influence?


  1. Your dad sounds like a smart man. I'm sorry he's going through tough times.

  2. Slow eater is an understatement!!!

  3. I'm a super slow eater, too. Last one to finish eating every time.

    Our parents taught us all 5 things on your list of things you learned from your dad, too. I'm so very grateful they took the time. :)

  4. lovely post - we all need reminder of these mantras to keep our perspective.

    But I am soo jealous of you in cairns. We are freezing down in Melbourne..brrrrrr.

  5. I think your dad is very wised and you are very blessed.

  6. Agree, Dad's are awesome! Though mine came from a family of 10 children so slow eating equaled o chance of seconds, hence he passed on his natural gift of scoffing every morsel of your plate on to us :)

  7. I love hearing good old Dad wisdom :)

  8. I just love Dad wisdom. It's always so damn sensible.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!

  9. Lovely post. Your dad sounds a lot like mine - sensible, talented and thorough when he's working on something.
    So I guess I've learned some of the same lessons - especially the work ethic and being punctual ones. I hate when other people are late but hate being late myself even more!
    Also learned generosity of spirit from my dad. He's always willing to lend a hand to someone in need. I try to do the same as much as I can.

  10. Love your dad's wisdom. And the last one is far better than finishing everything on your plate. I live with that one and it's hard to break! Thanks Shelly for sharing your dad's wisdom at weekend rewind. xx

  11. Thanks ladies for commenting on this weekend rewind post. This post is a treasured one of mine, because my Dad sadly passed away a few months after I wrote this.

  12. Wow this post was made for thins weeks listography - I'm so glad you joined in. I'm so sorry you lost your Dad - my own Dad passed away 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.
    It must have been really hard to re-read this along with all the comments but thank you for sharing it. x

  13. Thanks Kate, you're right, it suited the listography perfectly even down to the number. I look forward to participating in listography with a more upbeat post next time.


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