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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Next Kasparov

So, now that Will's sick day is over. It wasn't actually that bad. As I anticipated, no resting was done, but he played quietly with MasterFour, whilst I tried in vain to get my assignment done. (I will be working on that later today, but oh well. It will be done eventually)

They played with Lego for a while and then MasterFour wanted to get the chess set out. I introduced him to the computer game of chess when we were waiting in an airport on our way back from New Zealand. Since then, if he gets to sneak on his mum's computer to play, he will. So, thinking that it would keep him occupied for a while, Will agreed to play with him and asked him to go set up the chess set.

WARNING: Mum-Boasting ahead...Well, a few minutes later, MasterFour came to me all proud of himself, because he had set up the chess set. I expected that I would have to help him quite a bit to set it up properly, but when I went over to what he had done...there was only one piece out of place. It was the Queen and we had never told him about the fact that she has to sit on her own colour, so he could be forgiven for missing it. So, now we have hopes that he will be the next Garry Kasparov (I had to Google that one. How would I know any child prodigy chess players?).

Anyway, I made a big deal of it, and was so eager that I told him to call his dad over so that "he could whip his butt" in a game of chess--crass I know, be we aren't known for our impeccable manners around this house.

So, MasterFour shouts out to his dad, "Daddy! Daddy! Come here so I can wipe your butt in this game of chess!"

Child prodigy in chess, but not so hygienic.

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  1. I love when my kids say stuff like this (maybe not this in particular-LOL!) I'm glad your son is feeling better.


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