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Friday, August 20, 2010

Stress? Re-assess.

I know I have blogged about this before, but sometimes being a mother, wife, part-time employee and student is really just reeling from one crisis to another. This morning I woke up at 4 a.m. I was thinking about all the things that needed doing today, and I was doing mental hyperventilating wondering how I would get it all done.

Of course some of the anxiety was, as usual, self-inflicted. This is because when it comes to my life, study always takes a back seat, even if it is a subject I enjoy. My assignment was due last Friday, but as I was working until near midnight every night last week, it didn't get done. I was thankfully granted a 7-day extension, but did I work on it throughout the week? Not a chance. I left it to the last day of the extension period.

So this morning, with a number of things plagueing my mind, and seeing my own stress levels rise higher and higher, I stopped and asked myself this, "What, out of the things I have to do, absolutely HAS to be done today?" I then realised that there were only three priority things that had to be accomplished, and they were manageable. The rest, although I would cop flack from my husband for not doing (the grocery shop is way overdue, and for toilet paper, we can no longer spare a square, advertising circulars will have to do) or put pressure on myself over the weekend to finish, could wait.

In the end I did the three priority things and then a few more. My fridge is filled with fresh fruit and veg, the freezer is stocked up with meat, work is up to date, and the kids were taken to their KidFit class, but I will have to do some non-perishable grocery shopping tomorrow, and study? I got the assignment in with five hours to spare. Studying for my 1 September exam? Well, it will have to wait, because I am going to enjoy a glass of wine now.


  1. Good on you for taking a step back from it all. I do understand how overwhelming it can all get sometimes x

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  3. Sounds like you work well under pressure! Hope you're able to get your next assignment done before you're under the gun.

  4. Seraphim, it ebbs and flows. This morning, my week doesn't seem so busy and I feel like I can get caught up on a few things. I just think when they start to pile up, I think that it ALL has to get done, but really only the priority stuff I need to focus on. Hubby and I were reminiscing about our backpacking days the other day: the days when we used to "kill time".

    Judy, hopefully, but I am not under any illusions. I have only three subjects left to my degree, so I just need to get through those and I am home and hosed!

  5. I agree...a glass of wine is always top priority around here, as well!!

    Loved the part about using the grocery circulars for TP...we're getting dangerously low around here too but I just happen to still have the Sunday paper in the garage!

  6. It's so easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. I hate that feeling.

    Good thing we can stop, breathe, re-assess and move on.


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