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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Grateful for...Underpants You Wear on Sunday

Once again, I am participating in Maxabella's Grateful Saturday. In typical fashion, when everyone else is being deep and profound, I shall go for shallow and superficial. I hope you'll forgive me.

What I am grateful for is underwear, panties, knickers or whatever word you choose to use to describe the undergarments that encase your nether regions, but more specifically, ones that fit and suit your needs. These needs change depending on your stage of life.

When I worked in an office, I often wore dress pants. Then I was thankful for the g-string, because they provided me with a smooth silhouette (well, as smooth as my shape would allow), and prevented the dreaded VPL.

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Then I fell pregnant with MasterSeven and these became the undergarment of choice. These were so comfortable that even today, I wish I could bring myself to buy some more. Alas, I may be forty, but I am not ready for the full brief yet, at least not without the excuse of a pregnancy to let me indulge, and that ship has well and truly sailed.

Now, I settle for a happy medium, cotton bikini underpants, but every now and then I get sucked in to buying a pair that I think are right, but just don't measure up to expectations. A couple of weeks back, I found a bargain bin outside Target where they were selling bikini-style underpants for, get this, $1. I couldn't resist this bargain, and for my frugality, I am paying dearly through my discomfort.

I have mummy tummy, and I like to cover it up, even under my clothes, I like to have that secure feeling that my flabby bits are not going suddenly spring free for the world to see. I loathe hipsters of any sort so I can't stand it when my underwear rides under my tummy. These bargain knickers do exactly that, and rather than cut my losses and just bin them, I wear them under my workout clothes; these are snug so they hold everything in place.

So every morning at 5:30 am, when I am dressing in the dark in preparation for my run, I am trying to determine whether the underwear I have pulled out my drawer are the comfy ones (that need to be saved for later, after my shower) or the new mummy-tummy-exposing ones. I can usually figure this out quite easily. Do you know how? Because my comfy ones are so well-worn that they should only be worn on Sunday, because, you know, they are 'hole-y'.

Anyway, whatever your stage of life, and whatever your choice of undergarment, just make sure they are what you enjoy wearing, because life is too short to wear knickers that ride up, under or over(?). I am grateful for my old faithfuls, but I just hope I never get into an accident.

What is your 'old faithful', something comfortable that has seen better days? A pair of bunny slippers? A favourite jumper/sweater? Do tell!

To join in the fun, have a gander at the Maxabella's rules here.


  1. I had a little chuckle reading this. I bought the ones from Kmart I think that have a little "band" at the top that er, tucks things in. They are now staples in my wardrobe.

  2. You need to cut your losses! Life is too short for bad knickers!!!

    Thanks for joining in today. Shallow and superficial is always very welcome - one time I was grateful for toothbrushes.

    You can't choose what's going to come up in any given week, right!?! x

  3. i love your undie story. i positively hate most underwear, but i've finally found a style that works & isn't heinously granny-ish, so it's never a good day when the good ones run out & i've got to wear the ole yuck ones. is it wrong for me to admit that i have some underwear that's 9 years old?

  4. Are you kidding me? I'm all for comfort. Which may or may not include holes.


    I just pray, I never get into an ambulance or go to a hospital where they have to cut up my clothes. Oh! the embarrassment!

  5. I know I am in dire need of doing my laundry when all the uncomfortable or loose elastic ones are the only ones left in my drawer! {and they're no good for Sundays either in my house!}

  6. I think we should all make a pact to bin all the uncomfortable undies and make sure there are only comfy ones in the drawer.

    I have taken Maxabella's advice and bought some more (hopefully) comfy ones and I intend to bin the others.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  7. I take comfort over sexy these days. I now wear my grandmother's knickers. (Not literally!)

  8. I used to do only G-strings, but following two mid-life pregnancies 'things' seem to have shifted somewhat and now I find them gruesomely uncomfortable. It's Marks & Spencer all-cotton white bikinis for me. V. comfortable. V. simple and V. good value.

  9. I love wearing my slippers and sweats.

    As for undies, mine are basically cotton with usually a cupcake picture on the rear. I like the silly panties.

  10. Kim, glad you aren't wearing your granny's actual undies.

    Louise, do they have M&S where you are?

    Amber: Slippers and sweats are a bit hot for our climate, but I love the idea of wearing fun undies!

  11. I was smiling whilst reading this post. As I too sometimes get caught out in he same situation. But never again :)


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