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Sunday, January 30, 2011

I Used to Be a Rugby Fan

Queensland Reds Warming Up
I used to consider myself a rugby fan. Thinking back, I could have considered myself an 'avid' rugby fan, which is saying a lot, because I have never considered myself an avid anything.

The hours we whiled away in front of TV at home, in pubs and at friends' houses watching our favourite sport were too many to count.

We have spent thousands of dollars on Bledisloe Cup tickets, World Cup tickets, season tickets and airline tickets.

I knew the name of every All Blacks player, as well as those of the Wallabies side and the Waratahs. Will would be chatting to someone while watching the game at our local and shout across the room, "Shelly, what's the name of that guy on that team; you know, he has brown hair." And I would promptly pluck, from the vast database in my head, the name he was seeking.

We have leapt for joy when our team scored, and we have hung our heads and cried when the game was lost in the last seconds due to a lucky kick for goal.

MasterSeven's first exposure to a rugby match was at three weeks old when we took him to see the Waratahs. Then at the tender age of three months, we conned a trusted friend into watching over our bundle, whilst we attended a World Cup match.

Nowadays, I couldn't,
in good conscience, put rugby down as one of my interests in my profile, because it has been that long since I was able to watch any. The contributing factors are:
  • Most of the rugby matches throughout the season are not on free-to-air, so we would have to go out to a pub or club to view them on Pay TV.
  • We have no babysitters on which we can foist our offspring.
  • North Queenslanders prefer other codes of football, so there are not as many opportunities to watch live rugby as there were in Sydney.
  • We just don't have the disposable income we used to.

So, it was a sad state of affairs when we attempted to watch the Queensland Reds vs the Canterbury Crusaders last night at Barlow Park.

It has been so long since I watched the Crusaders, who, by the way, were  MY TEAM, that I couldn't tell the difference between the uniforms; they were both red. The crowd was a sea of red, with supporters for both sides in red. The only way you could tell who was supporting whom, was by listening for when they cheered.

Because we wanted the boys to have the experience of going to a live rugby match, knowing full well that this opportunity mightn't come up again in a very long time, we purchased tickets for our family of four, plus an extra two so our mate could bring his seven-year-old. This never eventuated for a number of reasons, and we ended up taking his seven-year-old and an eight-year-old son of another friend of ours. Huh?! How did that happen?

So then, Will and I were at the rugby match with four boisterous boys, who were actually quite well behaved for the majority of the match, it was only near the end that the boredom started to set in, and they started to act their age.

MasterFive, however, was bored within minutes of arriving, after promptly finishing off his hot chips and lemonade. I attempted to explain to him what was happening on the field, but I am in no way a rugby commentator, so it went a bit like this, "See that guy in red there? He is going to pick up the ball and pass it to that other guy in red. Oh look! The guy in red took it off him and passed it to the other guy in red." or "Look at how high this guy is going to jump up to get the ball, that is called the 'lineout', can you say 'lineout'?" Blank look. "Never mind, here have my camera to play with."

So, with an eagle eye on the three older boys (three lemonades were knocked over, one pie dropped in a lap and half a hot dog lost in between the seats), and the other on my youngest who was busy pushing every button on my precious camera, no rugby was watched by me.

The only way I knew that my favourite team got TROUNCED was when the crowd cheered each time a member of the Reds team crossed the line, ball tucked firmly in the crook of an arm.

Even though the rugby experience has changed for us, afterwards, Will and I agreed that we were glad that we took the boys to their first rugby match (at least first one where they were old enough to focus their eyes), but now that they have had this chance, if the opportunity to see a live rugby match ever arises again, we'll be spending their ticket money on a babysitter.

Here are a few of the pics MasterFive took with my camera.


  1. I think its great you took the boys to see a live match. I'm an avid fan of AFL and I love it when we go to live games. Although I have to admit as I get older, its far more comfortable to sit on my couch and watch the game! We have pay TV so once the season starts we watch little else.

  2. I leave the taking the boys to a something match to my hubs. I think I would just be annoyed that I had to leave my internet for several hours.


    Love the photos, like the blurry shot of the score the best... :D

  3. Hubby is a rugby fan, we took the kids to a game last year. We sat amongst a sea of All Black supporters in our Wallabies gear... and watch the Wallabies get smashed.

    We also go to the AFL and cricket, being lucky enough to have the MCG in our city. I love going to the AFL... it gets out all the stress I have simply by yelling!

    As the kids have gotten older it has become a much more enjoyable outing.

    I love the photos, at least he was somewhat entertained!

  4. I'm the same, was once an avid All Blacks supporter making sure I went to their games when they toured the UK. Living over there I always got the tickets from the home RFU so was sat with my friend and Dog (from Footrot Flats) amidst jerseys of another colour. Fortunately we always won.

    Then moving to Melbourne I fell out of the routine. My friends were more into AFL, but I did manage to get to a World Cup game.

    I like Master5's images, especially the longer exposures with movement in them.

  5. well you must have been sitting behind us a couple of rows or in the next bay :D

    Pleased you got out to catch up on a game and renew your love of the game.

    Crusaders always loose the pre-season games. Its the way they always do it so don't despair.

    While I am not a Reds supporter I think I am going to enjoy their style of play this year. Run Run Run!

    But for mine - Go Tah's

  6. Hi, I've awarded you a Stylish Blogger award. Head to bigwords to find out what to do!! xx

  7. Yes, life with kids causes changes... BTW, loved the pictures-LOL!

  8. luved the read and i can so relate. Although i dont go to games and im less then an avid fan i enjoy supporting. And whenever there used to be a game on my partner would always bring all the boys home and drink till there heart were content. Now its too difficult with the kids and honestly i have enough kids to run around after then having to cook and clean for 10 other men there wives and there kids. lolz nothing better then a good babysitter. Thankfully some of my kids are old enough to play and those are my favourite games to watch. but i have had to learn the rules :D

  9. Aren't they funny with cameras?! My boy can take 100 pics in about 20 minutes!


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