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Sunday, January 9, 2011

The One Where I Gloat About All That I Accomplished This Week

My last post should have been called 'This Week...' instead of 'Today...', because that was a more realistic time frame to get done all the things I wanted. Having said that, on Tuesday, I did get at least three things on my list done, and at the end of this week, I have accomplished quite a lot:

  • I made a master action list of all those things that have been hanging over my head. I went through every stray napkin piece of paper with notes written on them and added the actions to my master list or simply chucked them away.

  • I got myself organised for the busyness that work will become once everyone is back on board. I set up reminders for all those events that need remembering for the next three months, so now I don't have to think about them, because my calendar will remind me.

  • I did a quick once-over on the housework and I have done my best to keep on top of it, which included threatening the children with their lives if they so much as leave a dab of toothpaste in the bathroom sink. By the way, we have found the culprit who has caused us no end of grief when it comes to keeping the toilet area clean. Apparently my seven-year-old doesn't open his eyes when he is using the toilet at night and he is getting only about 10% of the wee in the actual toilet and seems to be writing his name on our floor tiles with the other 90%.

  • I haven't tackled the budget yet, but it is here waiting for me, right in front of my face. I might summon up the courage to look at it tomorrow morning. Ignorance is bliss, but sooner or later I will have to force myself to acknowledge just how much we have overspent since I got back from Canada in late October.

  • Our pantry is full of food, and our fridge is full of fresh fruit and veg, all bought at a premium price because of the floods down south, but it is there and ready to be made into something delicious.

  • I did try to speak with my children with interest and respect, but it was a challenge at times, and didn't always happen, but the fact that I had this in the back of my mind meant that I would catch myself and correct my tone if I started to get impatient with their antics.

  • I did have some great conversations with my husband and I even managed to sit with him on the patio listening to music and enjoying a glass of wine. You might recall that this is one of my favourite things to do.

  • We didn't have salad at dinner time on Tuesday night, but we had delicious fish and salad for dinner last night, and tonight we had a scrumptious Chicken Cacciatore (complete with 'little green bits' called capers that made MasterFive gag, but the rest of us enjoyed).

  • We have eaten most of our meals together at the dining table this week, even though this was sometimes detrimental to our sanity.

  • I haven't read stories at bedtime, but Will did so I was let off the hook about missing out on that one.

  • Something that I forgot to put on my list was taking down the Christmas tree. I got it all put away today and even managed to make the living room spotless and put out my Dad's chess set on the table where the Christmas tree sat. The boys are really keen to resume learning how to play chess. MasterSeven played his father tonight and managed to take three of his pieces before the big bully Will put him in check mate. My husband has obviously never heard of letting the little ones win the first time out.
All in all, I am pretty pleased with the amount that I managed to get accomplished, and I don't think I would have achieved half as much if I hadn't actually made a plan as to what it was I was going to do. Now, what to do next week? Don't worry, I won't regale you with the details. I've got other things to talk about...surely?


  1. Oh yes, i'm a woman with a plan & plenty to do, makes me feel pretty happy to tick everything off. Love Posie

  2. Hurrah! How I love a plan. You did amazingly (including getting to the bottom of who wees around the toilet and not in it - hmmm, sounds like something I should do). Well done, and I sure hope that in another week or two these things will just become the 'normal' thing to do. I'll be popping back because I'm now a follower). Your blog is lovely. xx


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