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Friday, January 21, 2011

Scorn for the Internet

My husband has scorned the Internet since its inception, which is funny considering that he spends almost as much time on it as I do. When I call him on it, his defence is that he is using it to learn something useful, not to spend time telling people what he had for lunch (My followers probably already know that I had Prawn Mornay in an individual bread bowl with salad, because I tweeted/updated my status on Facebook about it--OK now it does seem kind of sad, but oh well). It is true, it is not that often that he browses just for the fun of it, and he doesn't interact with people except for online support to help him solve a problem.

I think he might have feelings of animosity towards the Internet partly because it has ruined some of his favourite pastimes: conversation and joke-telling. The art of conversation may be dying with the advent of txt speak and 140-character tweets. Pretty soon we will be speaking in short sentences and #hashtags, going up to complete strangers and saying:

"OMG, what a day! Is it beer o'clock yet? #lookingforwardtotheweekend"

Actually with some people we know, that might perfectly acceptable, as long as there is the word "beer" mentioned in there somewhere, because all else gets filtered out, as in, "blah...blah...blah! Blah...beer...blah. #blahblahblah."

As for joke-telling, he can really no longer partake, because everyone has heard read it before, and if he does attempt to relay a joke, the receiving party will never reciprocate, because no one makes the effort to remember jokes anymore. Why would you bother when every joke known to man has already hit everyone's inbox? (Just quietly, a few people might be happy to know that Will has given up his joke-telling pastime. He was notorious for stringing us along for five minutes with his embellishments of the joke only to forget the punchline.)

Anyway, after many years of scorn for all things Internet, Will has found something on it that he enjoys (no, it's not what you think, get your mind out of the gutter!). Recently, he found this here blog and actually read it from the beginning posts to now. He came up to me one morning full of enthusiasm and said that he had stayed up all night reading my blog. He said, "You are so talented. Your blog is really great; it's so professional!", and then after he picked me up off the floor from fainting, he said "Of course, the subject matter is near and dear to my heart", as he motioned towards the children, and he said, "It really is too bad you don't make any money with it." Ah well, I'll take what I can get. He said that I am talented. His opinion is very important to me, and I am tickled pink that he liked it. After all, when it comes to the Internet, he is the toughest of critics.

Are your loved ones supportive of your blogging efforts? Do they give you encouragement or do they think you should concentrate your efforts on other activities?

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  1. I didn't know my husband was too interested in my blog until I caught him reading it one night. Now he's so paranoid about it's contents (I may or may not have said-during an argument-that I was going to put it in my blog) that he reads it almost as soon as I post! (Tee, hee...)

  2. wow, what a fantastic compliment to get from you husband that he read all your posts & loved them! mine reads mine once in a blue moon & so far i don't think i've upset him with any of them (except maybe that one about his hillbilly relatives). i'm just glad that he's supportive of me having an outlet and he's happy for me when i get new followers or nice comments, even if he doesn't read it.

  3. hey. i think I have been reluctant to make a committment to blogging because I suspect it will consume me. Hubby says he doesn't want to read it and I also don't want my time spent on it to come between us. So hubby just got a new job which may give me some time during the week to get the odd blog post up and tweet a bit!

  4. Love this post.

    My husband is quite dismissive of my blogging and writing in general - not in a mean way, he just doesn't get it at all. Many of my friends IRL don't get it either or their online activity is limited to Facebook.

    I'm really grateful to the wonderful friends I've made online who are supportive of my writing in general and blogging in particular. It helps to make up for the confused/blank looks I get from IRL friends when the topic comes up.

  5. I think it is really lovely that of all the stuff on the internet, his darling wife is the bit he loves to read. x

  6. Oh my husband does NOT care for the Internet at all. His scorn is for the time I waste on it.
    He doesn't read my blog or use the internet barely at all. Though he is supportive when I am sad for the people I know only via the computer.

  7. Aw, that is actually really sweet and uplifting! I don't think anybody really minds my blogging here...I can do it or not.:) I enjoy it very much!

    I have that same scorn for tv actually but as a good friend pointed out "Don't be such a snob, it still counts as tv even when you download the shows and watch them at other times." Yeah I guess it does so there goes my nose-in-the-air-disdainful "Tv? I don't ...sniff...watch...tv."


  8. My partner is loud and proud about living in the 20th - no actually, make that the 19th - century! I'm 'allowed' to look things up for him (eg share prices, products etc) - but if I do it, that means he can proudly say he never looks at it!! He's never read my blog - but weirdly is quite supportive of me doing it!! Go figure ...

  9. Ooh, scary thing when someone IRL finds your blog ;) Has just happened to me, only rave reviews so far though. All good!

    Found you from FYBF (and the comment you left on my blog!)

  10. #enjoyingyourwork lol

    lmao etc. etc.

    p.s. there were these two Nuns on bikes...

  11. Wow, had NO idea that our husband's were related! LOL Almost scary the conversation about your blog...we had nearly the exact same one.

    Thanks for the visit and follow. I'm returning the follow and enjoying the reading!

  12. Awww... so sweet! Worth all the money in the world.

  13. I'm kind of wishing at times my husband scorned the internet. When he's at home, I have to beg, borrow, steal, or stay up past midnight to use our computer. I am so yearning for one of my own. Enjoyed reading this.

  14. Visiting from BPOTW. My husband said the same thing about making money from my blog. Oh well.

  15. LOL, loved this post. Talking in # and @. Trying to imagine a convo between 3-4 ppl. LOL...

    My hub loves the netlife, just as much as me. He knows of my blog, but he does not bother to read it. We aren't friends on FB either. We don't want to be each other's friends. Which is funny...since we have mutual FB friends and it keeps telling me to "friend' him. Heh..

  16. What a wonderful complement! Out of all the stuff on the internet, yours is all that matters to him!

  17. What a great compliment!
    My husband is subscribed to my feeds but I don't think he actually reads them. My parents are scared of the internet, have never read it and are convinced I'll have a stalker soon and my sister comments obsessively... a nice mix I think!


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