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Monday, September 19, 2011

Our New Home Inspires Me to Bake Sweet Treats and Paint Masterpieces

It's all starting to get exciting. After weeks of trying not to think about the move, it is finally starting to happen. On Saturday, Will borrowed a truck and we moved about half our household to the new place.

We still have heaps of things in the old place, and it just goes to show how much extra stuff we have that we don't need. It's a real incentive to get rid of some things, which of course I should have been doing in the lead-up to the move, but that would have been just too logical. Instead I will have all good intentions to do it after the move, but then life will take over and it will probably still be there years from now, but will have multiplied in number.

I have been trying to picture our family in the new home, trying to imagine whether we will be happy there. Although this house was built in 1992 and isn't characterful in the slightest, it has its positive aspects over where we live currently:
  • The kitchen has 30+ cupboards, including two tall pantry cupboards and two sets of drawers, a large servery window and lots of bright light. Our current home has a dark kitchen, because it has a small window that looks onto the patio, which is in shade most of the day. This new kitchen inspires me to put on my apron and get creative with my culinary endeavours. Now if only I can turn inspiration into lovingly baked sweet treats and gourmet meals, my husband and children will be overjoyed.

  • I've mentioned before how large the rooms are, and there is ample storage, because each room has built-ins that include shelves and drawers and two large built-ins in the master bedroom. There are two hall closets and of course a double lock-up garage makes a great space to hoard all that stuff I neglected to dispose of before the move.

  • Image
    There are windows everywhere. Although this makes hanging pictures and placing large furniture a challenge, it does make for a bright and cheery home. It makes me want to draw and paint with all that natural light.

  • In the backyard, we have a mandarin tree, a lemon tree and a tree that blooms with one of my favourite flowers, the frangipani.

  • Within half an hour of being at the new place, while Will and I unloaded the truck, the boys met a boy on the cul-de-sac and ended up playing cricket with all the neighbourhood kids. My boys are the youngest in the area, but that didn't seem to bother anyone. 
Now, I can't wait to finish moving in and start all that gourmet cooking and painting of masterpieces. I wonder if two-minute noodle meals and doodles on the telephone notepad count?

I am easily pleased with ample storage and bright light. What would your dream house include?  

Update 10 December 11: We've been here a few months now, and I'm still loving my kitchen, although, so far, no masterpieces have been painted, but there's nothing to say they won't be, just in my own time.

Rewinding this post on And Then There Were Four's Weekend Rewind.  


  1. I love the sound of the kitchen. Lots of cupboards is my idea of heaven.

    The thing that surprised me when I moved to Cairns was how dark the houses are up here. My apartment in Melbourne was much lighter and airier.

    Your new place sounds rather like my dream house. It would have lots of storage, a big kitchen, plenty of natural light, a garden and a nice view.

  2. It sounds beautiful Shelly, enjoy all that new found inspiration!

  3. Sounds amazing! A spectacular kitchen would be important to me also. Several bedrooms to house my many children and two separate living spaces so we can get away from them when necessary. So, I guess I'm saying I just want a newer, updated version of where I'm living now!

  4. Hehe, two minute noodles and doodles!!
    Your new place sounds great!
    I'm slightly jealous...not of the packing and actual moving bit though. :)

  5. Whip out the paintbrushes Shelley. I want to see the Masterpieces. Glad the kitchen is living up to expectations. Thanks for Rewinding x

  6. It sounds fabulous!  I'm especially jealous of the huge kitchen, I've always wanted a servery window thingy.  Our kitchen is about the size of a cupboard.
    Visiting via the Rewind.

  7. I don't actually use the servery window yet, because our back patio needs to be pressure cleaned before we entertain out there, but I do enjoy the light that comes in.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  8. I might get creative now that I have two bored school boys at home with me. We'll need to think of something before they kill each other!


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