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Monday, December 12, 2011

My List of Girls' Names Circa 1996

notebook of girls and boys names
There's a little notebook that I've had for years. I started it when Will and I were finished our travels through Asia, before we got married. We were living in Sydney. I was waiting for my Australian permanent residency visa to come through, and I was not allowed to work. I had a lot of time on my hands.

Reading through this notebook is kind of amusing for me now. There are lists on each page, lists such as:
  • Things I Want to Buy Myself Once I Start Working and the Bills Are Paid (can you tell that money was a concern even then? Plus, I was just a little materialistic.)
  • Places I Want to Visit
  • Canada (There are multiple lists regarding this: things I wanted to do, places I want to visit, food I wanted to eat, people I wanted to see. I was a bit homesick. I'd been away from home for almost three years at that stage.)
  • Things I'd Like to Do (This list is remarkably similar to my bucket list)
  • Small Business Ideas (Gift Shop and House-Sitting)
  • Boys' Names
  • Girls' Names
The last two lists made me realise how much I've changed since 1996. The boys names are still ones that I would have considered if I were ever to have another child, which I'm absolutely not (not possible nor desirable). There are names like Kieran, Ian, Duncan and Christian, still good names for me.

The girls names however are a different story. Please don't be offended if there are names on here that you like or have actually named your child. I just think that I'm a different person now. I live in Australia and some of these names I would no longer consider now that I'm a fair dinkum Aussie (tongue is firmly in cheek here folks).

So here is a list of the names I wanted to call a girl baby if I ever had one:

Pain in the bum (to pronounce and spell) names:
  • Niamh (pronounced Neve, but you know that most people would not know this)
  • Siobhan (pronounce Shivon)


I went through a stage of wanting surnames for first names; this is quite popular in Australia now, but I've gone cold on the idea.
  • Taylor
  • Morgan
  • Madison
  • Mackenzie

Names I simply outgrew:
  • Megan
  • Kendall
  • Charisse
  • Maeve (guess I was liking Maeve Binchy's books at that time)
  • Paige
  • Lauren (I can't help but think of Lauren on The Young & The Restless which was decades ago)
  • Emma (simply too many now)

Unisex Names:
  • Finn (I was told by my Irish sister-in-law that this is a unisex name, but here in Oz, I don't think it really is)
  • Robin
  • Shannon

Names that are things:
  • April
  • Hope
  • Summer

Names I would have had to veto, because now they're taken
  • Leigh
  • Hannah
  • Grace
  • April
  • Erin (I really like this one but it sounded like Aaron, somebody Will knew, so he vetoed it)
  • Chiara
So that left me with two:
  • Victoria
  • Cate
But I would have vetoed Cate, because I have a thing about putting the full name on the birth certificate, as in Catherine, and Catherine doesn't appeal to me. I would never put Cate on the birth certificate because it's a nickname. (By the way, I also like names to be spelled the normal way, as in Cate, not Cayt. Exaggeration, but you know what I mean.)

So really that left me with Victoria, and you just know the Aussies would shorten it to Vicky or Vic, and I like the whole name not the shortened version. So I am left with no name.

It's a really good thing that I never had a girl, because I would have had to call her Jen as in Jen-eric*, as in no-name, get it? Oh, never mind.

What are some of your favourite baby names, and are there any that you liked before that are just not your cup of tea now? 

*Yes, I do realise this is not the way to spell it :)


  1. I still get called Victoria at home.  At school I was always Victoria as there were two Vickys in the class as well. I hate being called Vicky so when I went to university it got shortened to Vic which my Dad hated. As a compromise I went with Tori and even that gets shortened!

    I always thought that if I had a little girl I would call her Laura Margaret.

  2. Photographer MumJuly 19, 2013 at 6:29 PM

    I used to spend hours looking at names both before and while I was pregnant. Some of the girls names I loved were Jaime (which we chose), Charlotte, Olivia, Isabella, Indi, Emma & Grace. For boys I liked William and Finley (chose both for our boys), Flynn, Alexander, Ethan, Xavier/Zavier & Jett. I would still consider all these names if we had another baby, but that is very unlikely at the moment. Like you, I prefer the proper spellings. I just don't understand why people choose Mayghaen, Tiphanie or Malla-Ki (and a multitude of others I'm sure). Seriously, why do that to a baby. The poor kid has to live with it for the rest of their life!
    Lol, Jen as in Jen-eric. Made me laugh!

  3. Jaime Somers (that's how old I am)? I love all your girl and boy names. So glad you got my warped attempt at humour! ;-)

  4. I never knew that your name was Victoria. It didn't twig that Tori was short for Victoria. I like Tori; it's a great name, and there are not too many of them. I'm actually Michelle, and I'm only Shelly here and to Will when he's happy with me. Some IRL friends call me Shell. I don't really mind the shortening, because all my life, my mom refused to let anyone shorten my name. Laura is a lovely name that I had never before considered.

  5. What a wonderful thing to have a notebook like this to look back upon. Even the names I had in mind for my first son 10 years ago, I wouldnt even think of now.
    I love that you recorded all this and kept it :) xx

  6. We'll just blame our growing up on different continents shall we? It's nothing to do with my age. ;-) Jaime Somers was the name of The Bionic Woman (The Six Million Dollar Man's female counterpart). I always liked the name Jaime when I was a little girl. But I also liked the name Maryanne (from Gilligan's Island). Ha! I am making myself laugh just remembering.

  7. It was so very funny to read after all these years. I'm glad I kept it too.

    Now I wish I had kept a journal, but my husband's always been too much of a nosey parker. He wouldn't have been able to resist reading it. Now he can read my blog, with my encouragement even!

  8. Photographer MumJuly 19, 2013 at 6:29 PM

    lol, I have no idea who Jaime Somers is...

  9. I still do like reading Maeve, just have gone off the idea of naming imaginary girls after her. :)

    Molly's a nice name, but I also have a thing about endings of names. My surname ends in "ee" sound such as in 'Kelly', so something like Molly Kelly wouldn't sit with me. It is a real shame I have such hang-ups, because my all-time favourite girls name is Ruby.

  10. I loved the name Chloe when I was little.  I still might like it now, but Brooklyn definitely tops my list.

  11. I've got a very similar notebook which also features outgrown baby name lists as well as a list of names of the men *ahem* with whom I did the thing that makes babies!!!!

  12. Come say hi babyderoach.blogspot.com

  13. I adore Maeve Binchy!  Her books made me want to name a son Aidan, which there are far too many of now.  Molly was the girl's name I didn't use and Harrison was the boy's name.  I'm quite satisfied with what I did pick.


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