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Monday, December 19, 2011

Top 5 Things That Make Christmas Christmas

I'm joining Kate Takes Five for this week's Listography, a list of things that make it Christmas for us.
  1. Putting up the Christmas tree together - I'm finally getting the hang of letting the kids go to town on the tree. All I do is the lights...and I shift things around if they've put all the decorations on the one bough...and I move some around if they've neglected one side of the tree...and I adjust the star after it's been placed because it gets lopsided...

    I just realised that perhaps I'm not so good at just letting the kids go at it.

    Putting the Christmas Tree up together is on my list of the things that we must do at Christmas
    I'd better get this right, or she'll offer to "fix it up a little".
  2. Keeping an advent calendar - The kids remember to open the next window on their advent calendar without fail each and every day, but funny they can't remember to make their beds or put their PJs under their pillow every morning.

  3. Saving all the present-wrapping until Christmas Eve - Christmas would just not be the same if I got it done ahead of time and spent Christmas Eve with my feet up with a glass of champagne in hand. Frantic present-wrapping is a Christmas tradition in our household.

  4. Putting out cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer - I always dread the swarm of ants that will be surrounding these treats before Santa ever gets to them, but we do it every year just the same. It just dawned on me that we're also a bit stingy with the carrots; there are many reindeer, but we only ever put out one. And there's only ever a nibble taken out of the carrot in the morning.
  5. Leaving a carrot out for the reindeer - boy dressed as a reindeer for Christmas
    Reindeer must prefer the cookies
  6. Spending time with the people we love -  Unfortunately, our spread-out family means the numbers vary from year to year, but even if we can't be with our favourite people from around the globe, we are most definitely thinking about them and wishing we could all be together.
So what makes it Christmas for you? Head over to Kate's to check out the other lists linked there, or you can add your own.


    1. Thanks, he already is breaking hearts, because you know, girls are yuck.

    2. Love this post. And also what a gorgeous boy - going to break some hearts when he's older. (How middle aged does that sound? I am fighting a losing battle here...)

    3. I  always get confused about which way we should count on the advent calendar.  25-1 or 1-25.  This year we're counting down from 25.    I used to always wrap on Christmas Eve - but it such a big job.  this year I'm doing a few each night :)

    4. I'm with you one No.1.
      That's why they kids have their own small trees in their rooms to do with what they will.
      The big one is my domain....cheating??

    5. I didn't know there was any other way than 1 - 25! It didn't even occur to me to count down, I always thought of it as a calendar with dates.

      I strayed from tradition tonight and wrapped a few. It's a tradition I could do without, I'd rather start a new tradition of relaxing on Christmas Eve!

    6. That is a brilliant idea! I should do that, but can't be bothered to get two more trees. The kids will just have to endure my little 'adjustments' to their work, at least for another couple of years. ;-)


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