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Monday, January 2, 2012

52 Week Project: Christmas Revisited

We were out at the Botanical Gardens yesterday, and there's a new Visitors Centre that is made up almost purely of reflective surfaces. This building is not good for my ego, because as I tried to get a shot of my reflection in the glass, a headshot, I accidentally took a shot of my tummy.

I have had two babies, and my poor tummy didn't fare well through those pregnancies, but there's only so much I can chalk up to baby belly, the rest of my girth can be attributed to the overindulgences of Christmas and the fact that I have fallen out of the habit of exercising.

So rather than make a bunch of resolutions that I will have forgotten by the end of January, I am simply going to try what Leo Babauta of Zen Habits suggests: I am going to re-adopt the habit of exercise. Exercise always makes me feel wonderful afterwards, so I really don't know how it is that I was able to fall out of such a great habit. I plan to rectify that over the next month. Hopefully after the month is up, my exercise habit will be in place, and I can start on forming a healthy eating habit. Wish me luck!

Taking part in My Mummy Daze' 52 Week Project. The linky is not up yet, but Sonia at Life Love and Hiccups will be our gracious host while Fiona is having a bloggy break.

The 52 Week Project


  1. Hahaha, what a great photo. And isn't Leo Babuta just a gem? 

    Yep, exercise is high on my list too. Those endorphins are just wonderful. Happy 2012!

  2. What Tummy - seriously?? All I can see is a beautiful belly that has been home to gorgeous boys and has enjoyed life - Love this pic xxx

  3. What a fantastic shot!
    Happy new year to you - and enjoy those happy exercise hormones.

  4. I hear you Michelle, I am starting to see all my hard work slip away. As of today, I am calorie counting again and although I have kept exercise up as much as possible, I am going to get up a half hour earlier and do a bit more!

  5. I thought it was your tshirt that had all the food written on it - until I opened up the page and saw that you put them on it! It would have been a good tshirt that would motivate me to exercise saying all those things.. 

    My resolutions really are things I need to achieve this year - like toilet training my 2 yr old :) though I am scared to start!! 

  6. Ha ha, tricked ya ;-) Maybe a good marketing idea? At any rate, catching
    a glimpse of myself has been motivation enough for me. I always gain
    weight in my tummy and this shirt is usually quite forgiving of my
    indulgences, but this day (and it's harder to tell with the writing on
    the photo) it was quite the opposite.

    Ah toilet training! My oldest wasn't trained until after 3
    (He-who-shall-not-be-named kept putting him back in nappies every time I wasn't looking) and my youngest was out of them shortly after his
    second birthday. He was a determined little fella and we had moved to
    the tropics by that stage so it was easier with the constant warm
    weather. Good luck with it all, I'm sure it'll be just fine!

  7. Good for you for getting back into it. It's hard enough to lose weight, but when I do, I find it is oh so hard to keep it off. My body always seems to remember what weight I was before and does everything in its power to get back there, and of course I sometimes help it along by eating the junk.

    Once the kids are back in school, if you do any more walks and want some company, please drop me a line.

  8. Reflections always look worse than the 'real thing'. Don't they?

  9. Great photo!!
    I totally agree with you about exercise.
    It makes me feel wonderful, too.
    So far my treadmill is the best Christmas present ever. :)

  10. Good luck on your new exercise program! 

  11. I've often thought about getting one of those, but wouldn't know where to keep it. I'd love one for the winter months so I don't have to walk in the dark. My sis got me the Wii Fit Plus which is great, but I sometimes feel a bit silly doing virtual exercise in front of a TV, doesn't help Will snickering behind me.

  12. Yeah...you must be right! It's NOT that I've gained weight, it's because of the mirror optical illusion effect. That's right...thanks, I feel better already. ;-)

  13. Happy New Year and good luck with your resolution!

  14. Love that pic!  What a cute idea!  I'm afraid the words of all the foods I indulged in over the last two weeks wouldn't even fit in one picture, let alone on my shirt...hahahaha!!

    I don't make resolutions either but I am getting back into the habit of exercising because like you said, it always makes me feel so much better afterwards!!

  15. I absolutely love this.. isn't  that the truth at this time of year!!!

    Exercise truly is the best medicine.. but sometimes the motivation to do it goes away.. but once its back its such a good feeling!! Hope its making you feel good!

  16. Mummy Issues Part 2July 19, 2013 at 6:47 PM

    Love this Shelly, but you are too hard on yourself! Love what you have done with this photo. I am trying to learn how to do this stuff, if you have time could you let me know what app/ program you used? It's very cool.
    Good luck with the return to exercise. I totally agree that exercise comes first when changing habits, and then once thats established its easier to fine tune healthy eating. I say that because I run a fun run today and I am chowing down a 200g block of chocolate. Whoops!

  17. Ooh! That's what I'm aiming for, to make exercise a habit that I can't do without.

  18. Well done you for running the fun run! Was thinking about doing another one again in June, but am not sure yet.

    I'm just feeling it in my clothes at the moment and the glimpse of my tummy in the reflection confirmed that I need to lose a couple of kilos to get back to my normal.

    The photo was edited using www.picnik.com---very easy!

  19. Thanks. I've been exercising all this week, but overdid it yesterday, so am feeling very sore physically, but mentally feeling great!


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