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Thursday, March 1, 2012

12 Habits: March is 'Do Over' month!

It's the first of March, and it's time to adopt a new habit.

So how did the 'Eating Well' habit of February go? Well, for the majority of the time, I did eat well, but by the end of the month I'd dropped most of the good eating and had started eyeing up the biscuit aisle at the supermarket. I lost a small amount of weight, but if I were to continue the way I've been eating for the last few days, that weight would surely creep back on.

I think I was biting off more than I could chew, so to speak. Leo Babauta says we need to tackle the habits one at a time, but I was impatient after a month of exercise and no visible results, so I went straight for the huge habit of 'Eating Well' with great gusto. I now realise that I need to approach it with baby steps.

So I'm considering March my 'do over' month. I'm still going to try to eat well, because I don't want to undo my hard work of February, but my main focus will be on one aspect of eating well. This month will be about sticking to the regular small meals. Letting myself get hungry is a real no-no. No matter how good my intentions, if I am ravenous, my resolve will go out the window at the first sight of a pot of hot chips and gravy.

Here's to a month of small meals often! Wish me luck!

Have you ever tried to adopt a habit? How did you go? If you were successful, what was it that you did differently?

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  1. Good luck!! I've been sticking to my 4 small meals and no snacks this week! And you know what? I think it's working!!

  2. Small meals often is good

    Body Trim is based on that. 

    Good luck!! I stuck to a certain amount of calories per day. with Friday being the day to double it (by having carbs) 
    And I've lost 20kilos since May :)


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