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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Funny: Bill Cosby

It's Friday, a day for winding down, for looking forward to the weekend. It's a great time to share a laugh and a giggle, so on Fridays I like to share something funny with you, and I hope you'll join in the fun.

So, the idea is to share anything that is humorous. It can be a funny post you've written in the past or present, a video you've found, a joke you've heard, a funny picture...anything that tickles your funny bone.
I've been a fan of Bill Cosby's from way back. I watched Fat Albert on Saturday mornings, I've heard recordings of his standup and I always tuned in to the Cosby Show. So this week, I give you some comedy from the legendary comic, Bill Cosby. Here's an old recording of his standup about Noah's conversation with The Lord.

From the Cosby Show, here are a couple of clips that seem even funnier now that I'm a parent.

How To Convice Your Child To Eat Vegetables!


And finally, this last one, also from The Cosby Show, almost made me pee myself with laughter. You have been warned! Here's 'If Men Get Pregnant'.

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  1.  Brussells sprouts used to make me gag, so now I am a little bit understanding when the youngest gags on mushrooms. Having said that, whatever else he doesn't like, for example capsicums or prawns, he has to try a bite everytime we have it. Also, if it is a dish filled with ingredients that he usually enjoys, he has to eat it.

  2. I remember Steve Urkel! I am sure I've seen him act in something recently, but I couldn't tell you where.

  3. I love Bill Cosby!! Definitely one of a kind!!!

    I also love Steve Urkel! With the pants up high and the big glasses..

  4. I loved watching Bill Cosby growing up.

    My parents used to make us sit at the table until we had eaten all our vegetables as well. The threat was we would get them cold for breakfast. Soon learnt that no matter how bad they tasted they were worse cold. To this day I cannot eat brussell sprouts nor broad beans.


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