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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Funny: The Sci Fi Edition

It's Friday, a day for winding down, for looking forward to the weekend. It's a great time to share a laugh and a giggle, so on Fridays I like to share something funny with you, and I hope you'll join in the fun.

So, the idea is to share anything that is humorous. It can be a funny post you've written in the past or present, a video you've found, a joke you've heard, a funny picture...anything that tickles your funny bone.
Recently, on Facebook, my best friend from the time of junior high school shared a link to an excellent clip from Carol Burnett. I used to love watching The Carol Burnett Show, and I plan to share some more of her comedy another week, but this week I've decided to make it all about Sci-Fi. I'll share the video with you in a bit, but here are a few Sci-Fi related funnies to get you primed.

Worst Star Wars Costumes Ever
And a good one in light of the fact that yesterday was International Women's Day, here's Carol Burnett's Star Trek Parody.

So, if you want to link up, here are the rules:
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It's that simple.


  1. Carol Burnett is one funny lady!

  2. hehe there are some terrible costumes out there :)

    I should find my pocohontas one my mum made me wear when I was 10

  3. I've never seen that before! I think you might be my new best friend.

  4. Hah! Love it! Here's to making the galaxy a kinder, gentler place

  5. Fridays are always fun around here. I love the excuse to trawl the internet for funny things. Always brightens my day. You should join in, from what I've read, most of your posts have me giggling at some point. :)

  6. Yvette, you still have it?! It can't be that bad. You should see what I made Mr8 to his school musical. I'm sure he was getting scratched by the staples I used to attach his octopus legs (eight stockings stuffed with tissue and cupcake papers stapled on to look like suction cups). Egads!

  7. I know, I kind of miss watching variety shows like hers. Once upon a time it was all that was on television. Now it's all reality shows.


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