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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Yesterday I Was on Fire. Today Not So Much.

Dusting Off the Iron
Yesterday, I was awesome. I did something that resembled 50 loads of washing, drying, folding and putting away. I ironed. Let me say that again...I ironed.

To illustrate the significance of this, recently, a friend drew (very badly I must add) an iron on Drawsomething. When I complained that her drawing looked like a cigar with a nipple ring (like that exists), she retorted jokingly that it's just because I never use my iron and that I don't know what one looks like. Touché. She had me there.

Well, yesterday I ironed, and - make sure you're sitting down when you read this - I mended. My husband's shorts with the split up the rear are fixed. The missing button on his shorts has been sewn back on, and it wasn't even a necessary button. It was just one of those annoying ones they put in prominent places so that it will pop off at the first opportune moment, but actually serves no purpose.

Dinner was on the table by six, not seven or later. The boys ate seconds of it, without fuss. The table was cleared away, with the help of my husband, immediately after we left the table.

Every chore that had to be done during the day was done, and then some. I was on fire, I tell you.

Today, in contrast, is turning out to be a total wash. The kids were ratbags in the morning. My oldest morphed from the lovely child that he's been for the last couple of days into the one that will do every thing in his power to slow things down, rile his mum up and annoy his brother. The youngest wasn't much better with his whingeing because I wouldn't take him to Toys R Us to buy a Star Wars Lego set. (Thanks Dear Hubby for that little precedent-setting while I was away in Melbourne.) Was happy it was a school day today, honestly.

Dealing with the kids' less-than-exemplary behaviour this morning has set the tone for the day, and it seems that I'm being a bit naughty also. Nothing's getting done. I have a little bit of work that I will save to the last minute. I've been ignoring the bathroom that needs cleaning, and I walk right past those dust bunnies that need rounding up and that plant that needs watering.

I guess it's a bit of yin yang. I couldn't possibly expect to keep up the pace of yesterday and besides, I don't want the family to get their expectations up. Can't have my husband expecting ironed and mended clothing every day of his life. He hasn't even noticed yet (in his defense, he doesn't wear his casual clothes to work, but when I do mending, I like praise). But you can bet when I sat down at 8:30 pm after everything was done, he made a comment about my playing games on my phone. There's just no pleasing these people.


  1. Ha! True, there is no pleasing them! But it felt good at the end of the day didn't it? I also love how you found a great way to feel good about the not-so-great day! very clever and brilliant, I'd say. bravo!

  2. Yes it did feel pretty good. I might do a repeat performance...one day. :)

  3. Gotta take the bad with the good don't we! Good on you for ironing though, one step ahead of this lipglossed Mumma!


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