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Thursday, June 7, 2012

I've Been Forced Inside

You may be wondering how things have been going with my healthy eating and exercise habits.

The healthy eating has gone completely out the window, or I should say the notion of eating healthier than is my normal habit. I eat junk sometimes, but other times, a lot of the times, I eat the good stuff too. I'm not going to beat myself up about it, as right now I'm focused on exercise.

Exercise was being ignored for a while there, for reasons that I'll go into shortly, but I was always conscious that I had worked so hard to form the habit, and I definitely didn't want to slide backwards with it.

For almost three months, I was getting up daily at 5:30 a.m. to walk for about 40 minutes in my neighbourhood. I clocked that at about 4.2 km per day and 6 km on the weekends. Then the sun started to sleep in, and I found I was walking under the cover of darkness for most of the time. This didn't sit right with me; I felt a niggling in my belly. I really felt vulnerable out there. All the walkers with their dogs had disappeared, and it felt like I was the only one mad enough to be out at that hour--me and the creepy guy that sits out in his front yard smoking cigarettes at 5:30 in the morning.

Then, I heard in the news about Allison Baden-Clay, a mum in Brisbane, who went out for a late night jog, and was found murdered across town a few weeks later. Alarm bells started to ding, but I told myself that she lived in a big city, and I lived in a smaller and hopefully safer community.

Then I read in the local paper that a woman was attacked in broad daylight while out jogging not so far from where I live. Somebody tried to pull her into their van, but thankfully she got away. Alarm sirens started whoop-whoop-whooping, so I said enough was enough.

It took me a while to find an alternative, so I stopped walking completely, and I felt miserable.

Then there was a Mother's Day special at the local gym, so I signed up. I have traded tweeting birds and magnificent sunrises for canned dance music, with mirrors and TVs everywhere I look. The joy I felt at being one of the few witnesses to the world shaking off the night, has been replaced by drudgery and a feeling of being like a hamster on a wheel.

So thanks to some faceless and despicable predators, I have been forced inside. I plan to continue my exercise, because despite the venue, I do feel better for it afterwards, but I am just a little bitter that something so uplifting as a morning walk has been taken away from me.

What I want to say to you is this: if you are fortunate enough to have a like-minded friend or a dog to keep you company or you happen to have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, don't waste the opportunity to get out there to watch the world wake up. It makes you feel alive, and it starts your day off on the right foot. I'll be at the gym wishing I was enjoying the sunrise too.

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