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Monday, January 7, 2013

The Literary Scrapbook of a Lucky Dip Writer OR What My Husband Thinks I Blog About

Most of yesterday was spent splashing in the cool waters at Babinda Boulders, a fresh water swimming hole located about an hour's drive from our home. After having had my refreshing swim, I sat perched on the embankment in my camp chair watching as our children jumped off the boulders to the depths below.
Babinda Boulders
Babinda Boulders
I was thinking about how I would convey to you the feeling that being in nature brings. I scanned the surrounding scenery and registered how the greenery framed the sparkling water and my nose detected the earthy smell of the fresh water, which is the same no matter whether you are in Canada or Australia. That smell brings to mind memories of home, of cannon balls off the dock into the slough or of trekking up to the waterfall and braving the frigid waters.
Riding the rapids in an inflatable boat
Riding the 'rapids'
Getting Dad to tow the boat
Time to rest, getting Dad to tow the boat
What story would I spin? How would I tell of this day in a thought provoking, yet interesting way? Nothing was coming to me so I let my mind rest, knowing the words present themselves to me eventually.
Deflating an inflatable boat
THE best way to deflate an inflatable boat
Later, as we sat on our picnic mat and ate sandwiches, slurped watermelon and practised spitting the seeds, my husband unwittingly gave me the blog fodder I was looking for. He turned to me and said, "You should blog this. You could say that the current of the stream is a metaphor for life, about how sometimes the current works against you, but if you keep paddling, you can get to where you want to go."

And then he said, "Or you can blog about how last year our oldest boy was too afraid to jump off that boulder there, and now he can."

And I responded with a, "Hmmm thanks, I'll have to think about it some more."

But it made me wonder, "Is this what he thinks I blog about? He must think I write like some cheesy motivational speaker, either that or he thinks my blog is as boring as watching paint dry.

I know he was well meaning with his suggestions, and I know he enjoys reading the blog. Maybe I have been a little bit airy fairy lately, and I do often write about the little things. I can see how one might read and wonder why I'm blethering on about the smell of the water or the memories of home.

Here's the thing. This blog is kind of a literary scrapbook for me. When I'm marvelling at nature on a day out with my family, I want to capture how that feels. If I derive pleasure from making a special meal or listening to a piece of music, I want to share that. This blog is where, at some time in the future, the people I love can read my words and reminisce about that trip to Lake Barrine, or remember that their mum used to make pancakes on Sundays. When in a funk and I need to talk myself out of it, I blog it, but it's not just having a whinge, I want to turn it around to be something useful to get me out of my mood. It's intended to be a positive place, and if that means that sometimes my words are flowery and descriptive or that I begin to sound like an inspirational quote, then so be it. I enjoy the writing and besides, my writing style is still evolving, and tomorrow it may be something completely different, so I hope everyone will be patient with me if sometimes I sound a bit head-in-the-clouds.

With regards to mundane topics, lint, if I start blogging about lint, feel free to pull me up on that one--actually I may have already blogged about lint, so it seems there are no holds barred on boring subjects. Lucky you! Having said that, I like to think of myself as kind of a lucky dip writer, you never know what you're gonna get from one post to the next, but I hope you'll persevere, there might be something in that mixed bag that you enjoy.
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