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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Session: Cameron Bruce

Over the Christmas holidays, I very quickly became addicted to the episodes of Moody Christmas that they were playing on ABC1. If I missed an episode, I'd make sure I caught up online. I loved the romantic roller coaster that the main characters were on and the cast of characters were absurd and funny. 

I wish I could watch this mob of characters every week, but what struck me, as I reluctantly watched the last episode, was the music in one of the last scenes. I spent some time searching for more music by the artist, because I had instantly fallen in love with his accoustic sound. Lucky for me, I found him. He's a South African and his name is Cameron Bruce. 

The only song I could find on YouTube was this one, and it is excellent, so I downloaded it right away. Unfortunately, I can't find a clip with just the song and not a lot of intro, but if you want to just listen to the song, you can skip to 1:02 in the video. Here's Dumb Love.

The iTunes (not an affiliate link, just for convenience) version of this song is way better; I'm thinking of buying the rest of the album with the iTunes credit I got from Santa.

So what do you think? Isn't it a catchy tune?

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