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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sweet Promise

I faffed around on the internet over my morning cuppa. One cup turned into two and before I knew it, an embarrassing amount of time had passed and none of the things I had planned to do were done yet.

One of the things I had to do was my menu plan for the week and then I had to complete my shopping list. I clicked off Twitter and Facebook and forced myself to get started. It's not a hard job; it's just tedious, but I sucked it up and got it done.

Proud that I managed to plan meals that were inexpensive, healthy and something a little different than the usual fare, I carefully folded up my shopping list ready to go in my handbag before wrangling the kids into the car.

As we stopped to get some cash from an ATM on the way to the supermarket, I realised that my shopping list was not in my handbag; it was still sitting neatly folded on my desk where I left it. Just great. I had lots of items on there that I don't usually buy so trying to remember them all was going to be a challenge. It was too late to turn back, so I would just have to give it my best shot.

I, in my questionable wisdom, said to the kids, "Why don't we make it fun?"

"What do you mean, Mum?"

"Well, I've forgotten my list and we can't go back for it now, so I will have to remember all the items on the list. Let's have a penalty for every thing that I forget. You guys are always bugging me for dessert and I rarely make any, so how about for every forgotten item, I will make a yummy dessert."

I was reasonably confident in my ability to recall the list, so I figured that I would only have to make one or two desserts, and it didn't have to be all at once.

At the supermarket, I refereed arguments and prevented trolley crashes as I tried to tick off things on the list in my mind's eye. I thought I did a pretty good job, but the result wouldn't be known until I got home to compare what I bought with my shopping list.

Well it turns out my memory is not completely shot, and the proof is in the 'pudding' (badoom-tsh!). I only managed to forget three items: leeks, sun-dried tomatoes and low-fat natural yoghurt. Unfortunately I needed the yoghurt for that night's recipe, so I would have to nip out to the shops as soon as Will got home.

Yummy dessert
Now, I am bound to make three yummy desserts. I had forgotten, in my moment of insanity, that:
  1. I don't really enjoy baking all that much.
  2. Yummy desserts are not good for my ever-expanding bottom.
  3. The kids might get used to having yummy desserts and mistakenly assume that's what will be on offer all the time.
Maybe I'll have to set up some sort of reward system for myself that will negate my folly of promising desserts. How about for each bucket of weeds I pull out of the garden, that is one less dessert I have to make? Think that will work? I doubt it; I think I'll have to make good on my promise and try to remember to keep my big mouth shut next time.

Got any ideas of what I could make?
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