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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Turning a New Leaf

All the lazing about recently has had its consequences. My clothes feel tighter, and I just don't feel like myself. My gym membership has been unutilised for the past month or more. I haven't been walking in the morning, because I've simply lost the habit. Even the kids haven't been doing much since the school ended, just jumping on the trampoline in the late afternoon. It's too hot to venture out earlier in the day, unless I take them swimming somewhere, which just hasn't been happening. The dogs have been denied their exercise also, and my husband has had to return the clothes, he got at Christmas, for a larger size.

So, now that it is a new year, it's time to turn a new leaf, a lettuce leaf. Time for more exercise and healthier food choices. I know, it's been said before, and my resolutions to exercise and eat healthy were cast aside in month three of last year, but even if I keep failing, I can't stop trying to do the right thing for my health and that of my family.

Today, at 6 a.m. we took the dogs for a stroll around the block. "Stroll" probably isn't the right word considering all the pulling, wheezing and panting that the dogs undertook in their efforts to 'run free, as free as the wind blows'.

Once we deposited our exhausted pups in the yard with a bowlful of water, the kids and I went for our real walk, 3.2 km around the neighbourhood -  me hoofing it and the boys on their scooters.

Morning sun over the rooftops
Morning sun over the rooftops
I'd forgotten how wonderful everything looks at the beginning of a new day. It lifts you up, and you feel like you can take on the world. Today, I am back at work after 11 days off, and although yesterday I was dreading my return to routine, today I am almost looking forward to it. Amazing what a few exercise endorphins will do for your outlook!

Do you have plans to take better care of yourself in 2013?
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