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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Session: The Propellerheads ft. Shirley Bassey

When Will and I lived in Redfern, there was a couple who lived down the street from us with whom we spent many hours. Practically every weekend was shared with our good friends. We watched rugby, enjoyed food, drink, laughter and great conversation. Wherever one couple was, you didn't have to look very far to find the other.

They were our closest friends. Unfortunately, time passed, circumstances changed and sadly, we lost our dear friend. 

One of his favourite songs was this one by the Propellerheads featuring the legendary Shirley Bassey. He always told us that when recording this song, Shirley Bassey simply walked into the studio and did the track in one take. He marvelled at her professionalism and talent. I don't know if it was true or not, but it made for a good story. 

Whenever I hear the song now, I think of him and his love for Goong Cha Num Pra (a signature dish of the local Thai restaurant), a nice port, a good cigar and a friendly debate. We are blessed to have known him and we miss him still. This one's for you Dave.

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