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Sunday, June 2, 2013

FYLP: San Cisco

A recommendation from YouTube landed in my inbox this morning. It was a Triple J 'Like a Version' session with a band called San Cisco (nothing to do with San Francisco). I'd never heard of them before. They're a band from Fremantle, made up of Jordi Davieson, Josh Biondillo, Nick Garner and Scarlett Stevens. Scarlett's dad manages my favourite band, The Waifs, so there's got to be some great influences there.

The cover they did in the clip is excellent; the bongos make all the difference. I'm a sucker for a bongo beat.

Now I'm very glad to have been introduced to their music. The Triple J session inspired me to go searching for some of their own music, and I came across this catchy tune. Here For Your Listening Pleasure is Fred Astaire.

It really is a thrill when you find some new music and doubly so when it originates from your own country. Have you come across any new home-grown music lately?
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