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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Nature Photography - Golden-headed Cisticola

Went out for a stroll this afternoon while the boys wrapped their Christmas shopping. The field not so far from our house is like a bird nursery at the moment. All the little baby swallows have come out of their nests and are able to flit short distances, but they choose to stand on blades of grass and squawk their little heads off until their parents feed them. Sounds kind of familiar actually, because the younger members of this family tend to squawk a lot too when I delay in getting dinner on the table. Anyway, despite all the squawking alerting me to their location, I was unable to capture a shot of the young birds.

I was able to snap this photo of a Golden-headed Cisticola, and even though it seemed that I had over-exposed the shot a little bit, I like it. The extra light gives a painting-like quality to it. I think it would look lovely on a greeting card.


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