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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Birthday Wish - I Want More

Today I woke to a darkened household. This is not unusual as I'm usually the first one up, but this time when I walked into the kitchen, making a beeline for the kettle, three of the people I love most in the world were singing 'Happy Birthday' to me. Their faces were lit from underneath by the four candles atop the triple chocolate cheesecake - apparently 44 candles might have been a fire hazard so they settled on 4. I closed my eyes and made the same wish I make every year...

to have more:

  • I want more birthdays with cake for breakfast, treasure hunts and witty cards. 
  • I want more hugs for no reason and multiple 'I love you's as I tuck them in at night. 
  • I want more signs that he loves me by the things he does for me and for our little family.
  • I want more laughs and silly games with friends and hour-long chats with my sister.
  • I want more daily connections with loved ones both near and far away.
  • I want more days at the beach with the feel of the sand in between my toes and the smell of salt in the air. 
  • I want more music that lifts my mood or sits beside me and lets me wallow in it.
  • I want more tastes on my tongue that make me close my eyes and savour every morsel.
  • I want more new experiences and steps outside my comfort zone.
  • I want more opportunities to capture with my camera the wonders offered by nature.
  • I want more breathtaking views and moments that will linger in my memory for a lifetime.

Innisfail Sunset

They say the key to being happy is to be grateful for what you have. I am very grateful; I just want more of the same, please.

Birthday celebrations are always accompanied by yearly cancer check-ups and that can bring out the sentimentality and the fear. I should really consider scheduling my mammogram earlier in the month, so my birthday wish can be something like "an iPad", instead of "to live another year". Sorry, not funny.

All the fours, 44 - here's hoping for the opportunity to say all the eights, 88 or all the nines 99.

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  1. I hope your Birthday wishes come true...every year.


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